TVIC 2020 is a space to share knowledge, experiences, ideas, and inspiration. We're looking for people who want to 'pay it forward' and share their stories with the Technology Valley innovation community. 

You may have nailed evolving your concept into commercial success, overcome the challenges of breaking into international markets, successfully reduced your carbon footprint, revolutionised your business with AI, or enhanced your productivity

and bottom line through better management. 


Your journey is just as interesting as your current (or future) position, so join the lineup at conference and present your story to our delegates.

We'll look after you at conference - and will try to accommodate all your presentation requirements. Lunch will be provided for you on the day of your presentation and you'll be able to attend any and all sessions on the day. If you wish to attend the other two days of conference we have a very special rate for you, to thank you for your time. 

We will promote your session, publish your bio and presentation abstract, and provide you with any feedback we collect.

Speaker Application

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